Before and After CIPP - Ontario Pipe Lining

Trenchless Piping Technology and CIPP: A Proactive Solution to Pipe Repair

Pipe repair has traditionally been a reactive, costly, time consuming, and destructive procedure. What many don’t know is that there is a viable, economical, and proactive alternative. Trenchless or CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) technology is more resilient, safe, versatile, and cost effective than traditional plumbing methods. It is nearly disruption and destruction-free, allowing damaged pipes or end-of-life […]

Case Study: Woodbine Grandstand- Roof Drains

“The support, planning in advance and execution in the field and the follow up was unparalleled.” – Chris Edge – Senior PM StratEdge Management Situation A very challenging project that involved inaccessible pipes, working at heights and engineering challenges. 50-year-old storm drains continually leaked onto the grandstand seating. Traditional repair methods were not affordable. Benefits […]

Ontario Pipe Lining- automotive manufacturing

Case Study: Automotive Manufacturer

Situation: An automotive manufacturer in Alliston was challenged with aging sanitary drains that often leaked. The gang-trapped floor drains body were separating from the slab and continually leaking Each leak would effect the production line below and the shut down would cost thousands of dollars per occurrence. We stopped the leaks between slab and drain savings thousands of dollars Benefits […]

Case Study: Old City Hall

Situation:  A vertical storm drain began to leak and many offices had to be relocated as the water damage was repaired. 20 linear feet lined in 3 nights using only three access holes Benefits of Nu Flow Solution: Ontario Pipe Lining was engaged by a mechanical contractor who held the maintenance contract with the city of Toronto. OPL cleaned […]

Case Study: Coca-Cola

Using Nu Flow technology, Ontario Pipe Lining repaired the severely corroded drain lines located within Coca-Cola’s bottling facilities. Project: Use the patented Nu Drain system to line these eroded underground pipes in-place without disrupting business operations. Customer and Site: A bottling facility for Coca-Cola, one of the world’s largest beverage and bottling companies. System: Almost […]

Ontario Pipe Lining - Toronto Eaton Centre

Case Study: Toronto Eaton Centre

Using Nu Flow’s patented Nu Drain technology, Ontario Pipe Lining completed a drain rehabilitation project for Toronto’s largest mall, preventing any business disruptions for the retailers, restaurants, and office spaces. Instead of choosing an expensive, time-consuming and destructive pipe replacement, the customer opted for Nu Flow’s innovative technology to greatly extend the lifespan of the […]