Case Study: Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower

For the Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower, Ontario Pipe Lining used Nu Flow’s patented Nu Drain technology to line the vent drain system within more than 50 floors without disrupting or inconveniencing busy workers inside this commercial skyscraper.

Project: Nu Flow’s Nu Drain liners were used to rehabilitate the failing vent drain system inside the walls of a commercial skyscraper without disrupting normal business operations.

Site: The Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower is part of the prestigious Toronto-Dominion Centre, a group of prestigious commercial buildings located in downtown Toronto. The Toronto-Dominion Centre is the largest commercial complex in Canada, with 21,000 workers. The Toronto- Dominion Bank Tower was built in 1967 and is 56 stories tall, one of the tallest buildings in Canada.

System: Cast iron vent lines that are more than 40 years old. These pipes are 6 inches in diameter and run vertically from the 4th floor to the 56th floor. The pipes are located inside chases and behind concrete walls.

Problem: These aged, cast iron vent lines experienced scale build-up and blocked some gasses from escaping the pipes.

Circumvention: If the customer chose a traditional repair, the failing pipes would have been taken out of the walls in the buildings and replaced. All of the vent drain lines would be cut out and replaced, which would take months of work and office disruptions. Alternatively, Band-Aid-type fixes could’ve been applied, where only the pipes with scale build-up are replaced, leaving the rest of the pipe lines vulnerable for inevitable scale build-up in the future. OPL technicians recognized that the offices would either be displaced or bothered by construction work in order to remove and replace the pipes.

Solution: It was evident that Nu Flow’s unique, in-situ technology, Nu Drain technology, would be the perfect remedy for the failing vent system. The offices within the 56-story commercial building were never interrupted or disturbed by the repair process because there was no construction work. The patented Nu Drain process was carried out by utilizing existing access points. First, OPL technicians cleaned the inside of the pipe system to remove all scale build-up and restore the pipes to their original diameter. Next, they ran the epoxy-saturated liner through the vent lines using Nu Flow’s patented Pull-in-Place process, which prevents the need for holes to be cut in the walls. Then, the liner cured inside the cleaned pipe system and created a new, protective and seamless pipe within the host pipe.

Nu Drain has been used to rehabilitate failing drain lines in all types of famous and historic skyscrapers across the world. Ontario Pipe Lining is probably the  most experienced Nu Flow licensee and uses Nu Flow’s Nu Drain product exclusively in Ontario to ensure the non-invasive, long-term solutions that you are looking for, with the results you can count on.