Case Study: Coca-Cola

Using Nu Flow technology, Ontario Pipe Lining repaired the severely corroded drain lines located within Coca-Cola’s bottling facilities.

Project: Use the patented Nu Drain system to line these eroded underground pipes in-place without disrupting business operations.

Customer and Site: A bottling facility for Coca-Cola, one of the world’s largest beverage and bottling companies.

System: Almost 200 feet of underground cast iron pipes to a sanitary waste system. These 4″-wide lines are located beneath 14″ of concrete, rebar and 6″ of soil. The beverage production line is directly above where these pipes lay.

Problem: The sanitary pipes experienced constant backups, prompting the facility manager to investigate the cause. A drain line camera inspection revealed that the bottoms of the pipes were completely missing due to severe corrosion. These failing underground pipes are located beneath millions of dollars’ worth of machinery for the beverage production line, which could not be moved or damaged.

Circumvention: If this facility did not choose Nu Flow’s in-place pipe lining solution, then the only feasible option left would be a reroute of the pipe system. This reroute would have taken several weeks to complete, the process to dig and lay down new pipes would have caused destruction, and the sanitary pipe system would not have been functional during the work.

Solution: Coca-Cola’s facility manager bypassed an inconvenient reroute and chose Ontario Pipe Lining for the rehabilitation project. When other pipe lining competitors and other contractors said that the pipes could not be lined, our technicians successfully did “the impossible.”

The biggest challenge of the job was dealing with the frail and damaged pipes. Our technicians carefully cleaned them and inserted Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place liner, which cured to form a strong, seamless pipe-within-a-pipe that covers all holes and will protect against future failures. The customer was so pleased with our innovative pipe rehabilitation solution that we have been invited back to complete another pipe lining project at the same location.