Residential Services

Ontario Pipe Lining does offer drain relining services to residential customers.  To understand how we work with our residential customers please keep reading.

Clogged Pipes & Drain Backup

The drains in your home are often overlooked for replacement because they are out of sight out of mind until something happens.  Most of the problems we see are because the pipe’s aging is accelerated because the constant water flow, human debris and cleaning chemicals that are put down sinks and toilets daily.  The daily flow of water causes the pipe to thin due to erosion. Also, as human debris and other chemicals interact with the inside of the pipe the pipe begins to corrode. Overtime roots begin to grow where the pipe has separated or cracked and grease can begin to restrict the original diameter of the pipe, leading to expensive drain backups that are not only messy but increase insurance premiums! 

The largest root we have ever removed from a drain.
Grease build up in a sanitary drain.
A pipe with no bottom and grease (on top) of pipe restricting the flow.
Clay pipe separated and a large infilation of roots at the city connection.
Roots in 4” clay sanitary before and after cleaning.

Typical Residential Home

Typical residential home.
Working from inside basement cleanout.
Video of problem... a root obstruction.
After lining the santiary drain.

Drain Relining

Whether you’ve encountered a drain backup already or want to mitigate your risk of issues in the future, drain relining is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to extend the life of their pipes. 

Don't wait until you have a backup!

Drain Pipe Repair Options

Most homeowners are surprised to learn drain relining technology exists.  When our residential customers have found us, they have already called a plumber and are looking for a second opinion to their traditional “rip and replace” solution. Contact Us and we can collect the video that plumber recorded when they cleaned your drain and we can take it from there.

Ontario Pipe Lining (OPL) can provide a less intrusive and cost-effective alternative to traditional drain replacement. Drain relining can be used as both a preventative measure and as a solution to fix cracks, corrosion, backups, root intrusion, clogged or slow drains. No different than updating your windows, roof or HVAC equipment – drains need regular maintenance and homeowners need to begin budgeting for the replacement of the underground drains as they have past the end of their useful life.

Sanitary drains have a useful life of around 50 years. Drain relining can reinstate the original diameter and then “arthroscopically” insert a plastic PVC pipe within the existing drainpipe, extending the useful life of the sewer pipe another 50 years!

How does pipelining work?

  1. Inspect your drains

    Whether you have already engaged a plumber or not to inspect your drains and clear any blockages, request a video. Should you need our inspection services please contact us.

  2. Get your free drain repair quote

    Contact us and we will walk you through the next steps. If you happen to have an electronic copy of a CCTV inspection video, please contact us for a complimentary condition assessment and quote the alternative drain relining (CIPP) method.

  3. Save money

    Extend the life of your pipes with convenient and cost-effective drain relining. Our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) restoration process restores old and corroded piping systems with little to no digging or destruction required – this means less downtime, displacement and distraction to worry about! When you factor restoration of surface finishes into total project costs, OPL’s drain relining services can save you 30-50% off traditional plumbing costs.

Whether you have encountered a problem with your pipes, or you want to get ahead of any problems that might arise, drain relining is a great option.


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    “Ontario Pipe Lining staff are professional, knowledgeable, courteous and communicate to their customers in a very timely manner. They explained exactly what was needed and took time to share camera images to help me understand what the work would entail. I required the installation of clay/ cast iron sewer drain pipes to enhance and repair my sewer system. This was accomplished quickly and the repair work that was needed was completed in an impeccable manner. I would highly recommend this company. The team of Cameron, Travis, Rob and Jake were outstanding.”
    Donna Modeste​
    Residential Client
    “Ontario Pipe Lining did everything to a T and communicated well. They were honest about the pricing, came on time, worked on schedule, and went above the call of duty.”
    Tim Pritchard
    Residential Client
    “Thank you, you and Travis did a fantastic job.”
    Residential Client
    “Special thanks to Travis, Cameron and Robert, the great team that worked together to turn my aged, troubled main sewage line into a new line without excavation. Their honesty, work ethic and knowledge motivated me to share my view. My main sewage line was blocked by tree roots. At first, I called a reputable company and was told by the technician that there was no way to solve the problem permanently except with excavation. I called another reputable company for a second opinion, I was given the same answer. I decided to do excavation for my peace of mind. Just 1.5 hours after digging started, I was told that digging one hole is not enough, they had to dig a second hole inside my newly renovated basement apartment in order to change the pipe. It was easy for them to say it, but it was too much uncertainty for me to take. As a result, I paid $680 to cover the hole and stop the project. Research helped me to find Ontario Pipe Lining. After I talked to Travis, I realized that the technology has existed on the market for decades…so many drain companies aren’t aware of the technology, or they just refuse to know. I am sharing my own experience to prevent others from wasting thousands of dollars on unpredictable excavation. If you are experiencing the same problem as mine, call Ontario Pipe Lining, and start from there.”
    Jane Sun
    Residential Client