“Our firm manages 26 Condominium Corporations in Kingston, Gananoque, Brockville, Napanee, Picton. Respecting Ontario Pipe Lining we think they are hands down the best. They are real professionals and know their stuff about pipelining. The board of directors was thrilled with the results and the problem has been solved. The condition assessment also allowed us to budget for future work when the condominium can save and plan for it. I would recommend Ontario Pipe Lining for other condo’s looking for sanitary and storm condition assessment and lining repairs.”

– John Shaver, J Shaver & Associates 

“In the summer of 2018, we started to experience water back-up in the back courtyard during heavy rains. In August, Ontario Pipe Lining had investigated the plugged drains by using video cameras, and found trees’ and shrubs’ roots growing into the drains, and blocking the drains. Upon investigation, they came up with the solution to line the drains. Upon completion of this job, the problem was eliminated. Cameron and Travis are both knowledgeable and professional, and it was a pleasure dealing with them.”

-Dorina Ratiu, R.C.M Condominium Manager

“We purchased a 100 year old house knowing there was much work to be done, but didn’t expect a very nasty sewer backup (fortunately our basement is unfinished) 4 months after we moved in.

Our plumber snaked the sewer pipes, tree roots, old clay pipes, and neglect, were the causes and our pipes required major surgery. He suggested ‘pipe lining’ if possible as against wide ranging excavation required to replace the pipes. We researched ‘pipelining’ as we had never heard of this process and contacted Ontario Pipe Lining. Cameron responded immediately and a camera scoping was arranged to establish if lining was feasible and the work and costs involved. Travis contacted us and explained that this could be done and outlined the scope of the work and costs. Rob and his exceptional team arrived starting work on Tuesday and finished on Friday … they couldn’t have been more efficient, working very hard every day, and were courteous, helpful, and inconvenienced us as little as possible. We are very happy with the work carried out and highly recommend this company.”

– Colin Simon, Residential Client

“Thank you for your excellent work. Your guys were terrific.”

– Shirley Allan, R.C.M., General License Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.

“We really appreciate Ontario Pipe Lining’s professionalism and speedy attention to our issues!”

– Kris Coventry, Executive Director, Midland Gardens, Sienna Senior Living

“Thank you, you and Travis did a fantastic job.”

– Residential Client

“Special thanks to Travis, Cameron and Robert, the great team that worked together to turn my aged, troubled main sewage line into a new line without excavation. Their honesty, work ethic and knowledge motivated me to share my view.

My main sewage line was blocked by tree roots. At first, I called a reputable company, and was told by the technician that there was no way to solve the problem permanently except with excavation. I called another reputable company for a second opinion, I was given the same answer. I decided to do excavation for my peace of mind. Just 1.5 hours after digging started, I was told that digging one hole is not enough, they had to dig a second hole inside my newly renovated basement apartment in order to change the pipe. It was easy for them to say it, but it was too much uncertainty for me to take. As a result, I paid $680 to cover the hole and stop the project.

Research helped me to find Ontario Pipe Lining. After I talked to Travis, I realized that the technology has existed on the market for decades…so many drain companies aren’t aware of the technology, or they just refuse to know.

I am sharing my own experience to prevent others from wasting thousands of dollars on unpredictable excavation. If you are experiencing the same problem as mine, call Ontario Pipe Lining, and start from there.”

 – Jane Sun, Residential Client

“Having worked with the team at Ontario Pipe Lining recently on a very challenging project that involved lining 50-year-old rainwater leaders in an area that was considered by other traditional methods inaccessible and not affordable. I can with confidence recommend their work to others. The support, planning in advance, execution in the field, and follow up was unparalleled.”

– Chris Edge – Senior PM StratEdge Management (Woodbine Grandstand)

“Ontario Pipe Lining did everything to a T and communicated well. They were honest about the pricing, came on time, worked on schedule, and went above the call of duty.”

– Tim Pritchard, Residential Client

“The first was to reline the sewage pipes in Wilmar Heights United Church built in 1957. The facility was occupied with tenants, the groundwater table was very high and I could not disrupt the tenant revenue stream from a facility shutdown. The NuFlow process included a video of the pipe condition right up front so there was no guessing on the conditions. We found that there were many breaks, weak areas, and pipe gaps. Given the following criterion: the need to minimize tenant interruption, minimize the disturbance of the existing floor slab, the need to minimize our management time in project co-ordination with tenants and the success others have had under similar conditions we opted for the process. It was successfully done in one week and included the installation of additional traps. It has been almost three years now without concerns.

The second project was to reline selected risers, install shutoffs and repair pinhole leaking. The facility was a 72 unit seniors non-profit apartment facility. We completed 6 risers and had to enter over 30 suites to access the piping under the sinks. This was no small task. However, the alternative was to remove and replace the riser pipes. Given the average age of the tenants is 86 years of age, relocating tenants for major interruptions was not an option. In addition, we have three working languages in the facility so the ability to minimize disruptions and Tenant communications is a key factor and further, we have a minimal staffing component.

The successful process was completed in 6 days. This also included the minimized repair work required under the sinks to cover a reduced a 1.5’ x 1.5’ square cut out. The experience of the staff facilitated timely shutdowns in selected building areas and minimized water disruption. The alternative of replacing risers both in cost and tenant disruption was very high. Utilizing cryogenics was ruled out given the proximity to the tenants and the tight quarters.

Unlike many management operations, we do include management’s project co-ordination time tenant disruption, water loss and utility costs as real costs to be added to the actual repair.

For these reasons, NuFlow is a viable option.”

 – Jamie Ramesbottom B.A.B.P.E. Executive Director, Wilmar Court