Case Study: Canadian Telecommunications Provider

Using Nu Flow’s unique, non-destructive pipe lining solution, Ontario Pipe Lining prevented future pipe system failures. Although many of the pipes were difficult to access, OPL ensured that the repairs were completed while the facility remained fully operational.

Project: Ontario Pipe Lining used the Nu Drain system to rehabilitate leaking storm drains without disrupting the customer’s normal business operations.

Customer: One of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers, which offers services such as mobile phones, cable, internet and residential landlines.

Site: A four-story building in Ontario that houses the communication switch boards and terminals for a large portion of Ontario.

System: Vertical and horizontal storm lines that range from 3″ to 6″ in diameter.

(Left) Exterior of leaking pipe.
(Right) Exterior of pipe with Nu Drain installed

Problem: The storm drain system experienced leaks caused by cracks and mechanical joint failures. The horizontal storm drains, which are covered with electrical wires, ductwork and asbestos, run directly over switchboards, terminals, and batteries for the communication network. These leaks were jeopardizing the functionality of the communication network.

Circumvention: Since the pipes are mixed with electrical wires, ductwork, and asbestos, a traditional repipe of the failing storm drain system would create a large mess. Also, the location of the pipes being directly over significant communication network devices would make a repipe difficult without greatly interrupting normal operations of the network. The customer emphasized that the pipe system repair should not interfere with business operations.

Solution: The Nu Drain system was the perfect solution for the telecommunications company, because the business remained fully operational throughout Ontario Pipe Lining’s repair process. OPL installed Nu Flow’s Pull-in- Place structural liner in the hard-to-access storm drain pipes using limited pipe access, which reduced the cost of asbestos abatements. Once the epoxy-saturated liner cured, it formed a protective, seamless pipe within the host pipe. This new pipe will prevent future leaks from occurring.