Stratford General Hospital - Ontario Pipe Lining

Case Study: Stratford General Hospital

Customer and Site: Stratford General Hospital

System: 4″ cast iron vertical rain water leaders, located behind the hospital’s walls.

Situation: The constant flow of rainwater corroded the pipes, eventually causing them to split after years of damage and decay. Two critical units within the hospital were affected, and many patients had to be relocated to safer floors. Stratford General Hospital wanted the pipes lined so they could eliminate both the hassle and the costs associated with yearly maintenance to fix the soaked walls. Ontario Pipe Lining recognized that the hospital needed a non-invasive solution that wouldn’t damage the facility or compromise the safety of building inhabitants.

Problem: Ontario Pipe Lining discovered that the damaged pipe was enclosed to less than 2” in a 4” rain water leader. This was causing the line to build up with water and leak on the floors above.

Solution: Ontario Pipe Lining used existing access points to clean and line the rainwater leaders to avoid damaging the hospital or creating a disturbance. When working above the hospital’s surgery rooms, OPL created an infection control tent so the debris could easily be removed after cleaning. OPL first cleaned the pipeline from the 4th floor down to the hospital’s basement. It was then lined it using Nu Flow’s Nu Drain patented technology. Most importantly, the hospital was able to maintain daily operations with minimal interference as only two points of access were used to repair and reline the vertical stack.

Although our non-invasive solution left the hospital unscathed and patients undisturbed, the extensive procedure could be compared to when a stent is placed in the arteries of the heart during a coronary angioplasty.