Ontario Pipe Lining

Ontario Pipe Lining is a leading small diameter trenchless pipe restoration and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) company serving Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.
We are a trusted and certified installer of Nu Flow’s innovative and patent-protected CIPP system technology. Our technicians have over 10+ years of experience seamlessly rehabilitating deteriorated sanitary sewer lines and storm drains with minimal disruption!

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Nu Flow’s Nu Drain product and installation procedures are the most effective method to repair non-pressurized piping systems inside a building.

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Using Nu Flow technology, we get the work done twice as fast as traditional plumbing while allowing you to save 30-60% on labour costs.

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✓ Save on cost
✓ Save on time
✓ No downtime
✓ No disturbance
✓ No building damage
✓ Extended piping system life


Each and every one of clients is unique. We meet with our clients, listen to their needs and assess the damage before we move forward. That way – we address the pipe situation right from the root.

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